5 Organic Strategies to Help Control Weeds

WeedsAs a child, my mother would give me a brown paper grocery bag and have me fill it up to the top with weeds. It was part of our chores, and I remember feeling the tediousness of the effort back then.

As an adult, not much has changed. When it comes to weeding, we all know that if you have a garden or yard of any kind, that weeds are a natural part of the process. You might even find yourself spending way more time then you ever thought imaginable dealing with weeds.
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6 Tips on How to Grow Your Own Coconut Tree

Coconut tree

Coconut has soared in popularity in the past several years in the United States and it is no wonder why. The tropical taste is incredible and the health benefits continue to prove strong.

In many different countries and cultures, coconut has been a stable part of diets for years. This tasty nut can be made into oil, flour, milk, and water. Lotions, shampoos, and conditioners are also using coconut as a main ingredient. The best part is that this rich food is pretty good for you with some great benefits for your body and health.

Did you know that it is easy to grow your own coconut tree?
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How to Can Food: Home Canning Basics for Beginners

CanningIf you have chosen to grow your own home garden this summer, you might have found yourself swimming in a sea of red juicy tomatoes. Or maybe you have endless amounts of crispy green cucumbers.

Regardless of what you have planted in your garden, when you have too much, you might want to find way to make good use of your precious veggies. Finding accepting friends and family who will take those ripe vegetables is one option.

However, you might be looking for a way to preserve those treasured treats long into the winter months. Canning is a great option to help preserve the life of your garden.
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7 Fatal Plants You Need to Avoid

fatal plants - deadly nighshade

Deadly nightshade bush with toxic berries

As a child, I remember my mother pointing out certain berries that were found all over our yard. She made sure to warn us not to eat those berries. While the berries from the bushes looked delicious with their bright red color, and they seemed as juicy as a raspberry, they were actually very toxic and could make us very sick if we ate them. Thankfully my mother knew better.

Throughout history, people had to learn through trial and error which plants were good to eat and which ones to avoid.
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How to Grow Vegetables Vertically Just About Anywhere

How to grow vegetables Vertically
When people think of growing a garden, they often imagine needing a lot of space to home all the different plants and vegetables. This myth might keep many people, especially in urban settings, from enjoying their very own personal vegetable garden.

In fact, you don’t even need a yard to grow your own vegetable garden. When you decide to grow your garden upward instead of outward, you allow yourself to have a vegetable garden just about anywhere. Continue reading

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Creating Masterpieces with Live Edge Wood

Live edge wood piece

Have You Considered Live Edge Wood?

While we put so much energy and time to plant and grow trees, there are times, sadly, when they need to be taken down. It might be that they are being cut for new construction, or that their placement is becoming dangerous for homes and people.

Although it can be heart breaking to watch a tree get taken down, the great news is that the life of a tree does not have to end. In fact, the natural beauty of a tree is being preserved in very practical ways that allows for those trees to live on for many more lives right inside your local coffee shop, stores, or even your home.
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The Language of Flowers: History and Symbolic Meanings

Language of Flowers

Have you ever given flowers to express your love or been given flowers? Then, you are not alone. Plants and flowers have been used through the ages to express emotion. We see impact in our modern-day from weddings and prom dances to funerals. Flowers and plants are given or used to express certain meanings.
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Birth Month Flowers: Their Symbolic Meanings

Birth Month Flowers

For thousands of years, flowers have communicated many different meaning. This is often known as the language of flowers. Plants and flowers have been given different meanings to help loved ones express themselves to each other without words. Even our birth month, like a birthstone, has been given specific flowers that represent them.
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Tomato Basics for Beginner Gardeners

Tomato Basics

I will never forget the time I took a bite of my first ever homegrown tomato. I grew up not liking tomatoes, but when I tasted that tomato, I realized I must not have ever tired a real tomato.

It was amazing. The color was so red. The flavor was sweet, juicy, and incredible. The tomato had been cut into slices with a bit of salt and pepper added. From that moment on, I knew I needed to grow my own tomatoes and find out everything I could.

Tomatoes are a staple for most home gardens. There are so many ways to use tomatoes such as: salads, sauces, salsas, and just straight out of your hand. With the right knowledge and care, growing tomatoes can be fun, easy, and extremely rewarding.
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Erosion: 5 Effective Ways to Control and Prevent It

Erosion: Definition, Causes, and How to Prevent it

People and businesses all around America have hills and slopes in their yards. These added dimensions can be helpful to separate a home form a busy street, add extra privacy.

However, these hills can also be susceptible to erosion and runoff that is hard to control and the damage that soil washing away can cause is devastating. Continue reading

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